Building innovative and holistic brand experience for the leading adult product brand in China.

As the Chinese innovative adult product brand, Osuga has set the goal to break the existing product image of the sex toy in the market. Instead of being rough and vulgar as the existing ones, Osuga wants to bring more subtlety to the product designs and build more inner connections with the users- not only bring physical satisfaction, but more importantly creating spiritual resonance with its audiences. First of all, in terms of product design, besides of the physical engineering, it has been integrated with bionic forms to create unique and delightful using experiences. Osuga has built its own brand aesthetic through this intimate and innovative design language. Secondly, as the brand communication, in the past, women in China are more conservative, and the subject of sex is even forbidden from them. Osuga hopes to encourage the women in modern days to be more open about the attitude towards sex, and embrace the sex freely, so the slogan “bring little sweet to life” came up naturally. The brand new logo is based on the initial brand name O and the symbol of exexclamation mark, which represents the surprise and delightful experience that the product brought to the users. At the same time, the graphic of the logo indicates the characteristics of the sex toy subtly. The concept of the brand color is inspired by the women’s gradient shining reaction of the skin after enjoying the product. The logo and the gradient color not only integrated the brand visual as a whole, more importantly, it showcased Osuga as a unique and innovative brand image.