RONG in Chinese refers to the ideas of harmony and fusion: we create holistic and disruptive brand experiences by expertly merging different disciplines, from branding and packaging design to product and space design. Our portfolio blends a great variety of projects from large international corporations to local businesses, startups and art projects. And yet, every single one of our projects consistently reflects our unique philosophy and a way of thinking.

We believe great ideas come from relentless curiosity and empathy towards human behavior and emotion. All of our projects start with insight into people’s daily lives; a habit, a gesture, an annoyance, an itch. By carefully observing these small moments, we craft powerful ideas that make a difference for brands, and are meaningful to customers, creating a unique experience and an emotional connection with the brand.

IF Design Award
Red Dot Award
Geman Design Award
Good Design Award
The Dieline Award
Topawards Asia
Golden Pin Design Award
DFA Award
K Design Award